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Do you experience sadness, anxiety, such intense emotions that sometimes you feel like your life is getting out of control? Do you cry often and feel insecure about your relationships? Was there a moment in time when you wished things were different? Is motivation hard to find? Is anger a big part of your reality right now? Have you been taken advantage of by someone with narcissistic personality traits? Do you feel like there is no hope?

I sympathize with you and understand that when it gets to this point, it can be difficult to see through the emotions and change the way you think. In fact, many times, we simply don’t believe anything can help. The fact that you are seeking help is a good sign and I encourage you to continue until you find the right fit for you.

Is your self-esteem low? Do you experience anger? I offer psychotherapeutic services that cater to adults and couples. My work stems from a behavioural, interpersonal, and spiritual approach. Together, we will work through the anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, behavioural habits that may be contributing to the anxiety, personality traits that may be causing some depression and confusion, among other things.

I have worked for many years with people who have suffered trauma from several areas including:

  • Narcissistic Romantic Abuse 

  • Narcissistic Parental Abuse

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Religious and Cult Associations

  • Step-Parenting and Its Difficulties

  • Narcissistic Sibling Abuse 

  • Narcissistic Friendship Abuse

  • Narcissistic Financial Abuse

  • Discrimination based on Race or Sexual Orientation 

  • Among many more.


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