Real Estate Services for Seniors and their families.

Real Estate Services for Seniors and their families.

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As a Real Estate Broker, I specialize in helping seniors and their families go through the process of selling the family home and everything that comes with that.

I’m a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and as such I have additional skills to help everyone through the give process.

Sometimes, the immediate family doesn’t even live in the area, making it very difficult to prepare the house (painting, minor fixes), declutter and sell the furniture and other possessions that the family doesn’t want to keep. There is lawn maintenance and exterior fixes. Then staging the home and listing. This and even more.

Selling your parent’s home while helping them move to Senior Living, plus all the other tasks is very taxing and that’s why I’m here.

As part of my service, I do everything for you. No more stress and worry.

If you want to chat, I’m always available.

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