Are you one of the millions of Canadians who don’t have a family doctor, have had a surgery cancelled, or can’t afford prescription drugs? Are you worried about who will pay for your parents’ – or your own – long-term care? Whether you believe that medicare serves you well or lets you down, Canada’s doctors want to hear from you. Should we have pharmacare or support for long-term care? What are the responsibilities of Canadians with regard to their health? These questions and others are part of our national dialogue on health care. Our health care system makes a huge difference to our country’s economy and quality of life. But it’s in decline, and without leadership and courage on the part of our governments, it will continue to crumble until we no longer recognize it. We’ve got to get the message across that medicare is too important to Canadians to lose. I’m asking for your help. If you care, the time to speak out is now. Join the discussion at and make your voice heard. Sincerely, Dr. Jeff Turnbull President, Canadian Medical Association