(NC) Many of us know the feeling of buyer’s remorse. The feeling that hits you the next day when you check your credit card balance or see the new, pricey coat hanging in the closet. In most cases, shoppers move on quickly and rarely think twice about future impulse purchases. However, up until recently, the consequences of buying from door-to-door salespeople were much more serious. Amendments to the Consumer Protection Act, which went into effect on April 1, have put safeguards in place that further protect the public from door-to-door water heater sales fraud. Consumers now have a 20-day cooling-off period after signing a water heater contract with a door to door salesperson. The Act also requires companies to use plain language in contracts in order to improve readability for homeowners. “Door-to-door salespeople have become more and more aggressive over the last few years,” says John Macdonald, President and CEO of EnerCare Inc., a leading provider of energy services and solutions, including water heater rentals. “These salespeople sometimes misrepresent themselves or make false claims about their service. The new legislation gives consumers the time to do their homework and to make a more informed decision.” However, even with the new amendments in place, everyone is reminded to be cautious when dealing with door-to-door salespeople. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe: • Never let an unknown visitor inside your home. • Check their ID closely. • Understand that EnerCare and government agencies and utilities never promote the exchange of water heaters door-to-door. • Always read all documents carefully, and ask to keep a copy for yourself at home. • Never share your personal information with them, such as showing them your current bills. • Call your current service provider to confirm if someone is scheduled to be at your home. • If they are rude or insist on coming into your home, ask them to leave and/or call the police. More information on the rights provided by the Consumer Protection Act is available at www.ontario.ca/consumers/door-door-sales-and-home-service-contracts. www.newscanada.com