Twas the night before Christmas – 2023

Hi all – here’s wishing you all a very merry Christmas!  For those of you who remember the famous poem and song – Twas the Night Before Christmas – below you’ll find the 2023 version.  A good friend of mine – Andy Kohut – has been regaling us each year with a new version of this traditional piece and they are always a fun read. They always offer a slight tongue-in-cheek view of current times and I thought this year (with his permission) I would share it here so more people get to enjoy it.

Twas a week before Christmas in Santa’s workshop,
Not a creature was stirring — you could hear a pin drop.
Santa was worried as he wandered around
As all of his Elves were nowhere to be found.
Christmas was coming, the shop should be bustling
With everyone clamoring, hammering and hustling.
“I must see HR and their manager, Myrtle.”
He found her alone, online playing Wordle.

“The Elves have gone missing! They’re not doing their chores!”
His tone surprised Myrtle and messed up her scores.
“Don’t worry, dude” was her strange salutation.
“This calm is because of our labour negotiation.
While it may seem at first that we’re here all alone,
The contract agreement lets Elves work from home.”

“Jingle my bells!” swore Santa, scanning the room,
“Can you really build toys if you’re working by Zoom?”
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