Social Distancing and Shopping in Ottawa – when is the best time to shop?

These days when it’s so important to keep a social distancing trying to figure out where to shop when can be a chore. Also with a limited number of shoppers allowed in the stores at one time you don’t really want to end up standing in a long line outside waiting to get in.

A former journalist and now Shopify web developer has decided to help out with that. Carys Mills loves data and her new website When to Shop began when she wanted to determine the best times to shop in Centretown. Now the site encompasses all parts of Ottawa so you can visit and choose the store and see when the busy times are happening and plan your visit accordingly.

The data is created by Google i believe by tracking phones in the location at various times. Of course it’s still a good idea to contact the store directly to know their open times and also to check if they have a special Seniors hour.

Here’s the link to the website to get you started –